An Oral Examination Session
A Phd Candidate defending her thesis
Part of the panel in a defense meeting
A PhD student defending his thesis
Some PhD students keenly following defence proceedings
A masters student presenting her thesis

Message from the Dean, School of Graduate Studies and Research

Welcome to the DeKUT School of Graduate Studies & Research.

The School of Graduate Studies & Research of Dedan Kimathi University of Technology was established in the year 2010 with two postgraduate programmes in Business management. With the growth of the university and continued delivery of competitive postgraduate programmes, the School of Graduate Studies & Research has grown and currently offers a number post-graduate, diploma, Masters and doctoral programmes with a total student population of over 500 students.

The School of Graduate Studies & Research is committed to the quality and relevance of the graduate education offered at Dedan Kimathi University of technology. The mandate of the school is to coordinate postgraduate programmes with respect to syllabi, monitoring student progress, admission of students, administration of scholarships, research grants, thesis examinations and the general welfare of postgraduate students.

The School promotes quality research through interdisciplinary seminars that bring together students, supervisors and other faculty. Guided by the Graduate School Policy, the School ensures high level of supervision of students. Theses examination process is efficient while ensuring highest quality with the graduate students required to disseminate their research findings through publications in peer reviewed journals. DeKUT postgraduate students have continued to attract research funding from national and international organizations including National Research Fund (NRF), African Development Bank (AfDB), and DAAD among others. Post-graduate students have also benefited from the partnerships the university has entered with research and international institutions. Students have benefited from programs allowing them to travel abroad for research though mobility grants such as Erasmus+

DeKUT offers a wide spectrum of postgraduate disciplines that include engineering, business management, applied sciences, food science and Geospatial sciences among others. The high quality of post graduate education is reflected in the quality research being undertaken and by the nature of publications in peer reviewed journals. Teaching and research is mainly carried out in the respective Departments and is described in the websites pertaining to a particular Department.

It is my believe that the quality of the teaching and research you will experience at Dedan Kimathi University of Technology is among the best in the world. We invite prospective students to browse our webpage and enroll in our post graduate programs of their choice. Prospective and current students can download all the necessary materials in the school’s web page.

It is my hope that your time at the university will be enjoyable, productive and rewarding. It is also my hope that for prospective students your application to DeKUT School of Graduate Studies and Research will be successful and I look forward to welcoming you in the next academic year.

Dr. Douglas Onyancha
Dean, SGSR.