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Board of Postgraduate Studies and Research Members


1. Dean, School of Graduate Studies & Research (SGSR)
Prof. Charles Mundia-Bsc(UON),Msc,PhD,Post-Doctoral Fellowship(University of Tsukuba,Japan). View full profile

2. Registrar (AA)
Prof. J. W. Khamasi – BED (UoN), Med. (Univ. of New Brunswick, CA), PhD (UBC, CA)

3. Dean, School of Business Management and Economics
Dr. David Kiragu -Bcom,MBA(UON),PhD(JKUAT),CPA(K)

4. Director, Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management
Dr. Juma Misiko – BTM (Moi) MSc, PhD (Lumiere Lyon 2 France)

5. Dean, School of Computer Science and Information Technology
Dr. George Musumba – BSc (KU), MSc (UoN), PhD (DeKUT)

6. CoD Nursing Department
Ms. Diana Njuguna – BSc (UEA Baraton, MSc (UoN)

7. Director, Geothermal Training and Research Institute
Dr. Nicholas Mariita – BSc (UoN), MSc (Birmingham, UK), PhD (Univ. of Texas. El Paso)

8. Dean, School of Engineering
Prof. James Keraita – BSc, MSc, (UoN), PhD (Yeugnam, South Korea)

9. Director, Institute of Geomatics, GIS and Remote sensing
Dr. Murimi Ngigi – BSc (UoN), MSc (Stuttgart, Univ. of Applied Sciences, Germany), PhD (Univ. of Tsukuba-Japan)

10. Dean, School of Science
Dr. Douglas Onyancha – BSc, MSc, (Egerton) PhD (Nelson Mandela Metropolitan)

11. Director, Institute of Food Bioresources and Technology
Dr. Eddy Owaga – BSc, MSc (JKUAT), PhD (Taipen Medical University, Taiwan)

12. Director, Quality Assurance
Prof. Fredrick K. Waweru – BSc, MSc, PhD (UoN)

Message from the Dean

Prof Charles Mundia

Prof. Charles Mundia
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The School of Graduate Studies & Research of Dedan Kimathi University of Technology was established in the year 2010 with two postgraduate programmes in Business management. With the growth of the university and continued delivery of competitive postgraduate programmes, the School of Graduate Studies & Research has grown and currently offers four doctoral programmes and twelve Masters Programmes with a total student population of over 500 students.