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1.    How do I apply?

  • First, you need to download the Postgraduate Application Form. It can be found HERE.
  • Secondly, fill the application form and attach the relevant documents (Academic transcripts and certificates, copy of ID and a colored passport.
  • Pay the relevant application fee and attach the bank slip. (Details are available on the application form)
  • Then, submit four copies of the duly filled application forms to the School of Graduate Studies & Research. The forms can also be handed at the reception.

2.    When do I get an admission letter after applying?

  • See our Service Delivery Charter HERE

3.    After I complete coursework, what next?

  • See the Research Process HERE.

4.    What is a Progress Report Form?

  • It is a form that postgraduate students in research stage fill to update the School of Graduate Studies & Research on the progress of their research. A student should fill the periodic progress report after every four months until they complete their studies. The form can be found HERE.

5.    What documents do I need as a continuing student?

  • All the relevant documents are available on the Downloads Tab. In case of any clarification, please get to us through our contacts HERE.

6.    What do I do to ensue I complete my studies and graduate on time?

  • Adhere to the research process and stick to the timelines. Work closely with your supervisors and the School of Graduate Studies & Research. We are committed to ensure you complete on schedule. We will support you to the end.