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1.    How do I apply?

  • First, you need to download the Postgraduate Application Form. It can be found HERE.
  • Secondly, fill the application form and attach the relevant documents (Academic transcripts and certificates, copy of ID and a colored passport.
  • Pay the relevant application fee and attach the bank slip. (Details are available on the application form)
  • Then, submit four copies of the duly filled application forms to the School of Graduate Studies & Research. The forms can also be handed at the reception.

2.    When do I get an admission letter after applying?

  • See our Service Delivery Charter HERE

3.    After I complete coursework, what next?

  • See the Research Process HERE.

4.    What is a Progress Report Form?

  • It is a form that postgraduate students in research stage fill to update the School of Graduate Studies & Research on the progress of their research. A student should fill the periodic progress report after every four months until they complete their studies. The form can be found HERE.

5.    What documents do I need as a continuing student?

  • All the relevant documents are available on the Downloads Tab. In case of any clarification, please get to us through our contacts HERE.

6.    What do I do to ensue I complete my studies and graduate on time?

  • Adhere to the research process and stick to the timelines. Work closely with your supervisors and the School of Graduate Studies & Research. We are committed to ensure you complete on schedule. We will support you to the end.


Message from the Dean

Prof Charles Mundia

Prof. Charles Mundia
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The School of Graduate Studies & Research of Dedan Kimathi University of Technology was established in the year 2010 with two postgraduate programmes in Business management. With the growth of the university and continued delivery of competitive postgraduate programmes, the School of Graduate Studies & Research has grown and currently offers four doctoral programmes and twelve Masters Programmes with a total student population of over 500 students.